When we have an opening, sign up for this list and we'll let you know when we have urgent needs. In the mean time, you're free (invited, welcome, even!) to express interest in joining the team...

Below is an example of an ad we've posted for sales positions in the past. While it's not an active listing, it'll give you a sense as to whether or not we might be a good fit... and if it IS a good fit, it'll give you a chance to either plan ahead or be proactive in reaching out (if you just want to sign up, scroll to the bottom of this screen). Thanks!

Have a passion for cool, old, one-of-a-kind things? AWESOME. Are you good at organizing, sorting, and categorizing things and finding similarities between things that may not be exactly the same (that whole OCD thing)? Very good. Have an ethos that leans toward the ecological? Even better…

An ideal candidate will be:
1. Organized and a little bit anal retentive when it comes to matching up like types of items.
2. Visually inclined: things interest you, and you are likely to have an affinity for graphic design and an eye for detail. If something is off-centered, it’ll bug you until it’s fixed.
3. Collaborative: you approach problem solving with the intention of developing a solution that will meet the needs of all involved.
4. Values-driven, with a service-oriented philosophy -- which means you probably get a charge out of making a difference, getting things done (and done beautifully), operating with integrity and a sense of stewardship for our planet and its people, fostering creativity, and having FUN!
5. Seeking a consistent schedule (we need someone able to work 2:30 – 8:30, Sundays – Tuesdays, plus a few hours if that would also be helpful to you).
6. Eager to help and intrinsically motivated by the opportunity to do so.
7. Can-do self-starter: you’re the type to, as Ruth Stafford Peale puts it, to “find a need and fill it.”
BTW, at this point in the description, we hope you’re thinking that this all sounds exciting as hell, you want to be part of the magic (and the team), and because you know that energy is contagious (both good and bad), you’re already itching to bring your best, healthiest vibe to your work...
8. Able to lift up to 50 pounds.
9. You love to help people, you enjoy hosting, and you’re not afraid of a cash register.
10. Excited by a job description that isn’t all about sales targets, phone calls, and/or mind-numbing paperwork (and, hey, if you can help save the world in the process, that’s a win, right?).
11. A Minneapolis resident, and preferably within zip code 55406 (though Highland Park is alright, too). We promote work-life balance, sustainable communities, and mindful placemaking. We encourage biking, walking, and public transit. Hiring someone who will incur a 20-minute daily drive to work here directly counteracts the impact of our work, and is out of alignment with our mission and values.

1- Greet guests enthusiastically and act as concierge for first time guests: we facilitate experiences, and welcoming new friends when they visit is Job One.
2- Facilitate sales transactions and a range of related processes, including opening and/or closing shifts.
3- Organize, manage, and maintain inventory, back-stock, and production supplies
4- Share your talents and passions! Let’s find something that you enjoy and are good at, figure out how it can support our efforts, and make it part of your work here.
5- Assist with the development and documentation of key processes
6- As you become familiar with shop protocols, you may be asked to manage or support key processes as determined jointly with others on the team.
7- Participate in occasional shift swaps (on request) to enable time off requests and assure coverage of the shop during standard retail hours.
The work (what to expect):

How to apply:
Please send your resume, along with a thoughtfully worded reply that includes responses to the following topics, to info@shopjunket.com:
1- Why you're interested, in 100 words or fewer. Keep it easy!
2- Share a bit about how our values system appeals to you, and why (found in 'Here's what we need,' #4, above). No word count requirement/constraints, but keep it simple.
3- Please explain how your experience and perspective aligns with our description of the ideal candidate (details here would be fantastic!)
Please note: given our commitment to community and place-making, we have a strong proximity-related preference for Minneapolis residents in general, and 55406 residents in particular (we’d enthusiastically welcome Highland Park dwellers, too). We <3 bikers, walkers & public transit users!
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